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Hilary decided it was time to create a politics focused video podcast that isn't for one age demo.

The "young" in Young Politics is not meant to be understood prima facie , although we do want to know what the "future old," are thinking about and what the "recently young" think now and thought "then."

The reality is, time is linear. You may be young now, at some point, under the best circumstances, you'll be old. If you are old, it goes without saying, at one time you were young.

Young Politics presupposes that in general,  political thought has a natural arc throughout a lifetime. Whenever possible, this paradigmatic approach is applied to age demographic fissures. 

Hilary thinks about politics as a reflection of our fears, aspirations conscious and latent desires. In her world, the how and why of policy creation and rhetoric are greater than symptomatic legislative outcomes.

Young Politics' primary rubric for analysis is good old fashioned logic, and empirical data.

We're shaking off left and right and using good sense to evaluate political thought. 

Look for "tangent" episodes that postulate about big questions in life political and otherwise.

As you can see, it's available in Spanish, and even though Hilary studied it from Kindergarten through her sophomore year in college, she admits her Spanish is rusty "oxidado."

But hey, it's free!

The podcast is for everyone. The things that unite us are so much stronger than the things that divide us.

It's cliche, but it's the truth.

Golston is a very proud Detroit native, a George Washington Political Science grad, a Suzuki piano player, daughter, and sister."

Hilary Golston is the creator of Young Politics, Host,and Former Weekend Anchor at NBC Cleveland


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